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Our imagination is limited by the tools we use to see the world. Helping organizations develop new tools for the digital and customer driven markets.

Fit for uncertainty

Our imagination is shaped by the tools we use to see the world — the data we collect, the experiences we engage in and the stories we share.

Digital Design Thinking

A digital customer insight tool to fuel the organization with understanding of what happens as the customer demands change, the market dynamics become more asymmetric and technologies transform

Customer Strategy

Customer strategy creates a new suite of tools to help the organization align, involve and collaborate with the customer — in different shapes and forms. But why would you involve the customer?

Visual Strategy / Toolbox

Visual tools and models create a shared language and shared understanding of the project and outcome within the whole team and throughout the organization.  Visualizing the problem clarifies the issue and makes for more efficient and effective solutions.


Ideas and experiments

My shared ideas, tools and concepts. Collected and shared via Medium.